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Delta Informatics is a leading software house based in Amman-Jordan. Delta specializes in building state-of-the-art Industrial and Financial Solutions. Delta's long list of loyal clients spans many countries in the Middle East, Asia, Africa in addition to Jordan, which is a direct result of Delta's winning team of professionals' commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.



LEGEND-MENA was established mainly to operate as a regional distributor for Metropolis Technologies, offering to its channels and partners the most advanced and award winning Telemanagement solutions that is compatible with most of the available Telephony and Unified Communication systems.



Saturn is an ICT solutions provider across several market segments leveraging its diversified experience to bring smart and comprehensive choices to you in Electrical and Digital Infrastructure, Fiber Optic and Copper–based “passive and active” networks, OSS/BSS and smart home systems, Echo systems based on IP networks with complementary capabilities in consulting, integration, project management and managed services to help our clients harness the power of technology, exceed their expectations and remain distinguished within their respective fields.



Capital Hills is a telecom company based in Saudi Arabia offering fully integrated end-to-end telecom services and products.

Capital Hills was created in August 2012 from the successful growth and expansion of the Saudi Arabian company HATCO. With its debut, Capital Hills offers exceptional telecom, enterprise software, and broadband services and products. With the support of vendors and strategic partners, Capital Hills provides people and businesses with total end-to-end telecom solutions.



نشئ مركز الدعم الاجتماعي كأول مركز متخصص في المملكة الاردنية الهاشمية .نطاق عمله مناطق عمان والزرقاء لخدمة الاطفال العاملين وأسرهم وذلك بموجب مذكرة تفاهم موقعة ما بين وزارة العمل والصندوق الاردني الهاشمي تجسيداً لمفهوم الشراكة مابين القطاعين الرسمي والاهلي التطوعي وترجمة عملية للاستراتيجية الوطنية للحد من أسوأ أشكال عمل الاطفال.




Head Quartered in Amman Jordan and offices in USA and Palestine. Seagull Technology is a high-end Systems Integration and Consulting company with specialized skills in Portals, Information Worker Solutions and Business Process Automation solutions based on latest cutting edge technologies. Seagull is a dynamic and competitive organization that offers innovative and creative solution-oriented IT architecture.



In line with His Majesty’s vision for developing all regions of the Kingdom and providing Jordanians with opportunities to achieve their full potential, the South Company for Construction and Development (SCCD) was created with a mandate to develop the South of Jordan, a land of boundless opportunity and home to a welcoming and resourceful people. SCCD’s experience and expertise makes it a partner of choice for investors seeking to benefit from the area’s numerous advantages, be it in terms of its location.


Al Ghalib Co.Ltd is an Iraqi company founded in 1980 and deals in many majors, also has a group of agencies representing international companies, about 21 company (German, Italian, French, American and Japanese). It’s specialized in roads, heavy equipment, water and petrol excavators and pumps in all sizes also agriculture and construction.



أسست مدارس المحور الدولية عام 2010 لتحقق شعارا تربويا ساميا تم تلخيصه بالكلمات التالية : رسالة - إنتماء - نهضة

تحرص روضة ومدارس المحور الدولية على حمل رسالتها التربوية والعلمية عالية المستوى والمنسجمة في نقائها وبهائها مع مبادئ ديننا الحنيف للمساهمة في بناء جيل منتم بافكاره منسجماً في سلوكه ومشاعره لهذا البلد المبارك ولأمته لتحقيق النهضة والازدهار.



Rubikomm telecom solutions, a company provides high end telecom solutions to mobile operators in MEA launched its new KeepInTouch platform that enables the mobile operators to attract more subscribers from competitors network.

Rubikomm was established by industry pioneers to provide the mobile operators in the Middle East and Africa with high end stat-of-the-art telecom solutions.



Leaders Co. started in 2002, with a humble beginning, Through hard work, competitive pricing, and a strong dedication to unsurpassed customer service, Leaders Co. grew to become one of major contributors to the office furniture and leisure furniture markets. Our website provides a complete product catalog as well as an updated list Leaders Co. make business easier and more efficient.



MARAM Construction Management Company is a leading builder and construction manager of commercial, hospitals, schools, and multi-unit residential projects throughout JORDAN. MARAM Construction Management Company is a diversified firm with the ability to meet its clients` construction needs through general contracting, at-risk construction management, and ordinary construction management projects. In each case, the companys priority is helping its clients achieve their construction and developmental objectives.



تأسست شركة أبوشيخة للصرافة بترخيص من البنك المركزي الأردني بتاريخ 12/10/1994 بموجب قانون أعمال الصيرفة الأردني حيث تم إفتتاح أول فرع في شارع وصفي التل (الجاردنز).

تتميز شركة أبوشيخة للصرافة عن الآخرين بالخبرة الواسعة والخدمة المميزه والسمعة الرفيعة بين جمهور المتعاملين معها، وتستحوذ ايضا على ثقة القطاع المصرفي والتجاري الأردني.



International Mobile Trade Co. Telelink was established in 1998, In 1999, Telelink was appointed as an Ericsson Distributors in Jordan for GSM mobile technology products, In a relatively short period of time, Telelink was able to set an exceptional market strategy that has resulted in developing retail, wholesale and most importantly GSM operators in Jordan.



مؤسسة ابراج لحجر البناء تعمل في مجال الحجر و الرخام الطبيعي المستورد من خارج الاردن . و يمتاز الحجر و الرخام الطبيعي الذي تعمل به المؤسسة بالجودة العالية التي تعد اعلى مستوى من جودة انواع الحجر الطبيعي الاخرى.

Smart Systems


Established in 1991 , Smart Systems is one of Information Technology solution providers in Jordan. Smart Systems offers high quality distribution and personalized service for all customers, whether corporate accounts or resellers. Along with Smart Systems competitive pricing, value-added services, expertise on emerging channels, we earned a respective Distributor title. On Jan. 2005, we launched a big retail outlet and we started outsourcing many products which is good for consumer.

Majdalawi Masterpieces


Welcome to Majdalawi Masterpieces where books for children and young adults represent our passion. We carry books and formidable literature for all ages, from toddlers to teenagers both in Arabic and English. Visit us and you will find classics, such as Narnia and Beatrix Potter, as well as contemporary literature by famous authors such as JK Rowling and Philip Pullman. For the discerning young listener we offer children's edutainment such as storytelling tapes, CDs and music tapes .

BCDtravel Jordan


(PortalSS - website consultation)
BCD Travel was founded on January 3, 2006, when BCD Holdings N.V. announced its decision to purchase TQ3 Travel Solutions Management Holding GmbH and a majority interest in The Travel Company.These two companies were combined with WorldTravel BTI under one ownership to form BCD Travel.
The company formally began trading under its new brand on March 31, 2006.



The Portal for Your Equestrian Interests , Equestrian , Show Jumping , Endurance and more

horses, Equestrian Services , Arabian Horse Club , Horses for Sale , Riders Ranking and Riders profile





Founded by Henry Marroum in 1950. Henry Marroum & Sons (LabServe) is recognized in Jordan as a pioneer and quality service provider in the laboratory & pharmaceutical industries, and operates in the Middle East, with the main offices located in Amman - Jordan . The company specializes in the sales, distribution and marketing of Laboratory reagents, consumables, supplies & instruments.



اللجنة العربية لحماية الملكية الفكرية لجنة تتفرع عن اتحاد الناشرين العرب . يتم تشكيلها استنادا" إلى الفقرة الثالثة من المادة التاسعة من قانونه الأساسي". وتضم سبعة أعضاء من الاتحاد من دول مختلفة، يختارهم المجلس وفق الشروط المنصوص عليها في الفقرة الثانية من المادة السابعة من النظام.



Time Center Furnished Offices, located in Amman , Jordan , provide companies with flexible and adaptable office areas for short term periods. With a range of services and options available, Time Center Furnished Offices can tailor-make work-areas to meet your needs.



MOBILIN is a young company with a long experience in the communication solutions and technology. High quality products and customer services that is based on experience and customer needs is what we deliver and perform



تأسست مدارس التربية الريادية عام 1996 حيث بدأت بأعداد لا تتجاوز 200 طالب وطالبة ، إلى أن وصلت إلى 1500طالب وطالبة للعام الدراسي 2005 /2006
وفي العام الدراسي 2000/2001تم افتتاح فرع خاص بالذكور يضم الطلبة الذكور من الصف السابع ولغاية الثاني عشر

وقد حرصت إدارة المدارس ممثلة بمديرها العام يوسف داود منذ تأسيسها على مواكبة التطور والتجديد الذي تشهده المملكة الأردنية الهاشمية ممثلة بوزارة التربية والتعليم في ميادين التربية وتكنولوجيا المعلومات



دار المنهل ناشرون وموزعون- الأردن إحدى أكبر دور النشر العربية في مجال أدب الطفل ، بدأت دار المنهل مسيرتها في بداية عام 1990 وتميزت في نشر وتوزيع كتب رياض الأطفال والكتاب المدرسي والقصص والوسائل التعليمية باللغتين العربية والإنجليزية. إضافة إلى الإصدارات السمعية والنشر الإلكتروني ، تضم قائمة دار المنهل برامج تعليمية متكاملة لكافة المراحل معتمدة للتدريس في المدارس و رياض الأطفال على امتداد الوطن العربي ، صدر عن دار المنهل حتى الآن ما يزيد عن ستمائة عنوان توزع في جميع الدول العربية ، استحدثت دار المنهل عدداً من الأقسام المتخصصة أهمها قسم الإنتاج والتطوير الذي يضم نخبة من الكفاءات العلمية والأكاديمية المتخصصة في تأليف المناهج والبرامج التعليمية وقسماً في التصميم الفني والإخراج حرصاً على إصدار البرامج بمستوى فني رفيع


(ECommerce - Jordan WebAwards 2006 - Silver)
Sajeda Islamic clothing was established in Amman, Jordan in 1987. It is considered to be the largest manufacturer and distributor of Islamic Clothing: Jilbab, Abaya, Hijab and modest swim suits in the world. Sajeda's Hijab, Abaya and Jilbab modules are designed and tailored by experienced Islamic clothing designers in our factory in Amman. Our Islamic Clothing can be ordered from the web site or from our stores located in Jordan and other Arab countries



Tawasol is an Ericsson Enterprise Premium Partner working as a master distributor for Ericsson Enterprise in selected markets in the Middle East and Africa. Tawasol's mission is to increase Ericsson's enterprise market share in the Middle East and Africa through an effective network of Value-Added Partners.



Arabic Textware builds and develops utilities and components that facilitate the processing of Arabic Language. We have been actively researching and developing Arabic Natural Language Processing core-technology components since 1995. Since then, we have built several products using these core-technology components. Although we are proud of progress so far, these products are a subset of what is in the pipelines in terms of products and services.



Since it was founded in 2005 by Consultant Eyad S. Sa’adeh, Change Consulting & Training has been witnessing a continuous growth and a real surge toward the summit, where the Company has successfully achieved in a short period more than what many training and consulting companies have achieved in long periods of time.

Bussiness consult


Business Consult Ltd. (BC) was established in 2001 in Amman, Jordan with a mission to offer world-class consulting and information technology solutions to its client. Business Consult brings together the expertise of its founders as well as alliances with world leaders in various service & technology areas to offer clients comprehensive and integrated solutions for business improvement


Web Development, Web Design, Hosting, Domain registration, Software solutions, web solutions, flash,
IT consulting, web mastering, web page design, Animation , Amman , Jordan , Jordan Web Development company , Jordan Web Design company

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